This is me:


Mag. Markus Kinzlbauer BEd



  • Degree in Sports Sciences (Univ. of Vienna)
  • Certified instructor for endurance sports and track and field
  • Certified Sling Training therapist
  • Certified Kinesio-Taping therapist
  • UEFA-B-certified soccer trainer
  • Studies of genetics/microbiology (inc.)
  • Graduated English and P.E. teacher
  • continuing educations in functional/medical fitness


Professional experience

  • Contract teacher of vocational school Linz for Fitness Instructors (present)
  • Freelance Personal Trainer and Performance Diagnostics (present)
  • Lecturer for Vitalakademie (Personal Fitness) (present)
  • Institute for Health and Professional Sports in Schärding (founder, 2008-2013)
  • Tutorial assistant University of Vienna, Sportsphysiology (2007-2011)
  • Medical Training Therapy (2004-2007)


Experiences in Sports
  • Competitive
    • Triathlon (Ironman, Half-Ironman, Olympic, Sprint)
    • Roadcycling (12h)
    • Marathon, Half-Marathon
    • Basketball
    • Soccer
    • Tennis
  • Recreational activities
    • Mountainsports (Ski mountaineering, rock climbing
    • Golf
    • Fitness-/Strength-Training
    • Whitewater kayaking
    • Scuba diving
 Experiences as Trainer
  • more than 10 years personal training
  • muscle/joint/spine issues
  • performance diagnostics and enhancement
  • muscle hypertrophy
  • Golf (semi-pro)
  • Triathlon (pro)
  • Roadcycling (semi-pro)
  • Ultracycling (pro - multiple winner RAAM, worldrecord holder, winner RAA, DOS-RAS,...)
  • Handbike (gold and silver medalist Paralympics London, silver medalist Paralympics Rio, in preparation for Paralympics Tokyo)
  • Soccer (youth teams of first league teams)


Published work

  • Effects of a single session of resistance training on specific cardiac and oxidative stress markers. (Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, 2009)Therapeutic use of growth factors in the musculoskeletal system in sports-related injuries. (The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness (49(4), 2009)
  • Myokardiale Belastungen im Kraftsport. (VDM publishers, 2010)
  • Co-author "Ergometrie - Belastungsuntersuchungen in Theorie und Praxis", Löllgen. (Springer Verlag, 2010)
  • Cell-free plasma DNA and purine nucleotide degradation markers following weightlifting exercise. (European Journal of Applied Physiology, 110(4), 2010)
  • Faszination RAAM - Der Österreicher Christoph Strasser gewinnt das härteste Radrennen der Welt. (Austrian Journal for Sports Medicine, 2012)

How did I get to where I am?!

My passion for sports and its science emerged from my early experiences in Basketball. Suffering from many injuries and wanting to know how to get faster, jump higher, recover more quickly, I decided to study sports sciences in Vienna. Since then I made my experiences is many sports and wanted to know a lot more about the body than I was taught in sports sciences. At that point I chose to start with genetics/microbiology with its deep insight into the biochemistry which extended my knowledge of the kinetics in the human body and the dietary and nutritional processes. That on the other hand is important for planning and conducting exercise effectively and efficiently.

What's fascinating about the science is that every other year new findings contribute to a better understanding of the effect of training and the influence of nutrition on enhancing performance. 


One of my main goals is to bring people with few experiences in fitness training to their perfect fit custom made exercise plan which they can arrange with or even better...enjoy. We'll only live as long as our vessels do, so let's start!